From 27-30 April 2016 the International Marrakech Airshow IMAS took place at Marrakech Airbase, Morocco. This event is one of the best occasions to see the Morocan Airforce in action. However this year it proved to be very limited with no Mirage F-1 or F-5 at the static or flying display. The flying display was dominated by the international aerobatic teams like Al Fursan, Frecce Tricolori, Team Aguila and Marche Verte.

In general the opening of the show consisted of a fly-by and split-up of 4 F-16Cs, two Pumas with flags and a Chinook carrying a Hummer. It must be noted that these formations did not fly every day. Because in general no-one knew the display schedule, you needed to be on 'stand-by' all of the time. However I did miss the Chinook fly-by anyway. 





Marche Verte

Team Aguila

Frecce Tricolori

Al Fursan