The Sanicole Sunset Show is part of the International Sanicole Airshow (ISA), Belgium, and was organised on the Friday evening 18 September before the main airshow on Sunday 20th. 

The airshow is unique in its kind as the airshow continues into the darkness and incorporates flying displays with pyrotechics and flares. Most larger aircraft and jets take-off from the nearby Kleine-Brogel airbase. During the main airshow the public is facing the sun, however in the evening the sun has crossed the centerline and lights the displays with are very soft glow. The weather this year was sunny spells and scattered rainclouds which resulted in very nice soft light and dramatic cloudformations. Due to the small size of the airfield, the formations and displays fly closer to the public and the showcenter is very easy to find. 

Photographing the aircraft and helicopters with pyrotechnics and flares in low light conditions is not something that can be practiced very often. Hence the camera settings are set more by trial and error than experience. Assessing the results quickly in between the displays will confirm if the settings were right, fortunately most of my initial settings were correct from the start.

The next Sanicole Sunset Airshow is scheduled for 9 September 2016.