From 17-21 March 2015 the Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition LIMA took place at the island of Langkawi, Malaysia. This event is well known for its great opportunities for aviation photography because of its access ability and nice viewpoints. The show also brings together a nice collection of aircraft from all over Asia. The Malaysian Airforce, Army and Navy show off their unique airplanes and helicopters. The show is not limited to the airport itself, also in the harbor the show continues. Therefore visiting the LIMA exhibition is one of the best shows in the world where military hardware is combined with the delights of a tropical island. 

Although the show starts in the middle of the week, the days before the opening ceremony are reserved for the rehearsals of the airpower demonstration, display teams, arriving aircraft and solo displays. Therefore it is recommended to arrive before the show actually starts itself. Because of the climate, some days can be hazy while others have clear skies. Nevertheless prepare for the high temperatures and high humidity. After some days of acclimatization one can stand in the field during the day with the proper preparations. Because the field is so open you can move outside the field with the sun in the back. After the show you will have some time to swim in the sea during the sunset for a cooldown! Look here for the airfield description of all viewpoints made by Langkawiairshowfan. 

The highlight of the 2015 edition were the airpower demonstration by the RMAF, the RMAF Su-30MKM solodisplay, the 'August 1' team with J-10s from China, two F-16Cs from the RSAF 'Black Knights', Team Jupiter from Indonesia, JAS-39 Gripen from Thailand, two Sea Kings from the RMAr and many more. Two KT-1 aircraft from Team Jupiter collided during a rehearsal flight, fortunately there was only material damage. A special sunrise photosession was organised for the photographers to catch the blue hour in the morning - very unique! 

Langkawi Airport 



Fleet review

In the harbor I was able to attend the Fleet review during the opening ceremony. It is a very impressive sight to sail between 35+ warships.


I wish to thank the people from the LIMA'15 organisation for their support and I am looking forward to attend the 2017 edition.