The Frisian Flag exercise is one of the largest in Europe and was hosted at Leeuwarden Airbase in Northern part of The Netherlands. More than 50 combat aircraft participated and included F-16s from Poland and The Netherlands, F/A-18s from Spain and Finland, Eurofighters from Germany and F-15s from the US Air National Guard.

Parallel to this exercise the European Air Refueling (EART) took place at Eindhoven Airbase and supported Frisian Flag with Air-to-Air refueling assets.

On this early spring day the sun was shining, however the wind came from such a direction that the exhaust heatwaves blurred most of the ground pictures. Nevertheless many good shots from different angles can be made in the approach. Bringing with me a new camera to test, I was not so lucky as it turned out that the camera produced many soft pictures (which looked perfect on the camera screen).