The Frisian Flag 2016 exercise took place from 11-22 April at Leeuwarden Airbase in Northern part of The Netherlands. More than 50 combat aircraft participated and included F-16s from Poland, Belgium and The Netherlands, F/A-18s from Finland, Eurofighters from Germany, Tornados from the UK, Mirage 2000Ds from France and F-15s from the US Air National Guard.

On the day that I went to Leeuwarden, the weather turned not out to be as predicted. During the morning take-off the weather was still cloudy but improved during the day. For the afternoon take-off the sun was shining but on the return of the aircraft, also the clouds were back again. I choose to go on this particular day because of the wind-direction from the West. The aircraft take-off in the direction of Marsum and make a banking turn to avoid the village. This maneuver can result in nice photos, however 500+ mm is required.

Another new feature was the traffic and parking handling at both ends of the runway. Special parking and access to the fields was arranged by volunteers, making coming and going much easier and safer than previous years. So well done!