The Frisian Flag 2017 exercise took place from 27 March till 7 April at Leeuwarden Airbase. The participating aircraft included F-16s from Portugal, Belgium and The Netherlands, Eurofighters from Germany, Tornados from the UK, Mirage 2000Ds from France and F-15s from the US Air National Guard.

Just like last year the aircraft took-off in the direction of Marsum and make a banking turn to avoid the village. This maneuver can result in nice photos, however 500+ mm is required. Not all pilots performed this banking, hence the pictures were limited this day. Nevertheless the aircraft that did were captured nicely. For landing I choose to go near the fence, which gives a nice shot-in-the-back photos. Again this year the parking and access to the spotting areas was organised well and safe. It might take some years before we can see a Frisian Flag exercise again as the unit will be occupied with the phasing-in of the F-35 for the next coming years.