On 9 May 2015 the 70th anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany "Den Pobedy" was celebrated on and over the Red Square in Moscow. This is one of the best occasions to see Russian military hardware.

Before the actual parade day there are several rehearsals. I attended the one on the 7th May as well as the parade day itself. For any spectator it is difficult to get a good view of both ground and airparade. Also on the actual parade day itself a larger part of the vicinity near the Red Square is closed of for the public. During the rehearsal day I could stand next to the river, during the parade day I had to "move-back" one block.

Nevertheless both days are great, the groundparade starts at 11AM sharp and once the airparade starts, it is over in 10 minutes. The excitement during the photographing of the parade is very high. No time for a second focus or zoom in or out. After the parade there are all kinds of festivals in the city and you can meet the veterans sitting in the parcs and squares. I went to the Bolshoi theater square. During the evening there is a large concerts in the large Victory parc which included the largest fireworks I have seen so far.

Map with photolocations