In support of the Dutch Marines, my unit operated three CH-47D Chinooks. The unit was co-hosted with the detachment from the Italian Airforce which operated the HH-3F Pelicans and were supplemented by the Italian Navy Sea Kings. The USAF was deployed with A-10s and MQ-1 Predators. In a later stage C-130s were also deployed. In the early stage the USMC was based with Hueys and Cobras but were withdrawn from the base.

The base remained a large hub for resupplying other coalition forces in the region, so on daily base IL-76s, AN-12s and USAF/ RAF/ ItAF C-130s flew in. Most activities came from the US Army Forward Refueling Point (FRP). Especially during the withdrawal of the US Forces it was very busy with up to 24 Apaches in formation. In the later stage the visitors came more from the Coalition Forces like Spain and Poland. 

Of particular interest was the local dump which included several Iraqi Mig-23s, parts of Su-22s and Mi-4 helicopters. Most curious are the remains of an Iranian F-4E.

All inbound and outbound traffic was done via Basra IAP. The visiting AN-225 was the highlight during my stay in Basra.

This was the final photoreport done analog by using old-school film. After my return back home I transferred to digital photography.



ITAF Detachment

A-10 Detachment


US Army





Basra IAP